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Why a Personal Chef?

What is a Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef is one who plans and provides freshly prepared meals in the privacy and comfort of your home based on a menu customized specifically for their tastes. We prepare, package and label all menu items then leave your kitchen sparkling clean.

Why do I need a Personal Chef?

We save you the time, effort and aggravation of planning and preparing meals nightly. You can come home to a freshly prepared gourmet meal AND a clean kitchen. Especially now, our clients have looked at the cost effectiveness and the "time is money" factor of having their meals prepared for them.  With a personal chef you can save time by removing that drive to the mrkaet, using extra gas and wasting mileage.  Imagine delicious meals that you didn't have to shop for, cook or clean up after.  It was all done by your very own Personal Chef! Busy mothers, new parents, active adults, over scheduled professionals and clients starting a new diet and fitness program can benefit from having a personal chef.  Have you recently undergone a medical procedure and cannot cook for yourself? A personal chef can help. Do you have elderly parents, or relatives that need healthy heart-healthy/low-fat/low-salt meals? A personal chef can provide tasty and healthy meals.

What is included?

  1. We personalize menu research and planning based on client consultation and food questionnaire
  2. We shop for the freshest quality in groceries
  3. We prepare and cook all menu items in the client's kitchen as well as label and store appropriately in the client's refrigerator or freezer
  4. Complete kitchen clean-up and sanitization
  5. Primary pantry items (flour, sugar, salt and spices) are included
  6. Our typical service consists of 5 entrees of 4 servings with an appropriate side for each.
  7. We can prepare meals for servings up to 8 (for an additional fee), or services as small as 2 entrees of 2 servings.
  8. Remember, we can customize it to your needs.

First time customers may receive a complimentary lunch, fresh flowers, or a baked good depending upon the service selected.

What other services can iCookUEat offer?

Personal chefs are no different than hiring a consultant to do a job you do not have the time or resources to do yourself. iCookuEat offer the following services that can be applied to all lifestyles and can be customized to suit your needs.

Member US Personal Chef Association CPC - Certified Personal Chef USPCA Code of Ethics
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